Kinesiology Taping

Why Kinesiology Taping?

After completing a number of taping courses over the years I now offer taping as a compliment to my acupuncture treatment when I think it will be beneficial to your healing.

What is Kinesiology Taping?

The exact physiological mechanisms of how the tape works is still unknown or unproven but many studies have looked at the effect it has on pain, inflammation, muscle function and joint position.  One such study by Kalron & Bar-Sela (2013) found there was “moderate evidence for pain relief” for those with more than 4 weeks of pain, and was effective at reducing pain when used as an adjunct to conventional therapies. 

Another study by Parreira et al (2014) showed that regardless of the technique of application, tape was helpful in reducing pain and disability for those with chronic low back pain.  Some studies have shown that the tape has a lifting effect (Capobianco 2013) creating a visible change in the interstitial space which holds with the long term thought that kinesiology tape creates a decompression effect on the local tissues.

There is still a lot of research that needs to be done into effects of kinesiology taping although a lot of practitioners continue to see great benefits in their patients after the use of taping.

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